Why should you choose CJ Construction?

Concrete is in our company's genes. Our owner's father worked in concrete before passing on the tradition and wisdom. We know exactly how to use concrete in your floors, walls and insulation.

We approach each new build with fresh eyes and diligence. You can count on us to work swiftly and accurately no matter what.

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Fix cracked floors with our concrete repair services

Flaws in your concrete lead to structural problems throughout your house or commercial building. Cracks in your patio or sidewalk result in weeds taking over your pavement. Avoid all this by getting concrete repair now.

Our repairs are available for homes as well as commercial locations like retail stores, office suites and apartment complexes.

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Choose Concrete for Your Construction Project

A concrete contractor in Elizabethton & Johnson City, TN can improve your house

Whether you're refinishing your basement or creating a new office, you can trust CJ Construction for all your concrete needs. Thanks to our concrete contractor, your house will hold up for decades. As you move on to a new chapter in your life, you want to know that the house you're constructing will be able to hold all the memories you plan to make in it. With our strong foundations, you'll be left without a doubt.

Concrete makes a much better building material than wood. It is not susceptible to damage from:

Termites and other wood-gnawing insects

Water from storms, floods or burst pipes

Rot and mold throughout your home

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Build Your Business or House

CJ Construction builds floors and retaining walls